Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sojourn95: Airforce Windows

Was going to have a Car rally/Scavenger hunt with the people from for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) But in the end this event folded for lack of numbers. So plan B is to spend all day sitting inside.

Now it is possible that Raskalnickoff will be keen for ESO or Rocksmith from 1100. Otherwise Raskal and VRBones will be at the Elliot, battling with the Elements.
Therefore the focus will be Dusk till Dawn, Instruments only night flight. Also in commemoration of our 95th official event and because winter is coming, I've prepared the Frozen Throne. Fit for Carnac's Maul and Elemental TD. Though we do have ~2GB of scenarios to chose from. Our other 95 game will be the old Killing floor, we have a "copy" but I believe everypeon actually owns this game now.

I've also thought to entertain Vect0r's XBOX crew, so we should all have a copy of Rocket League, and be prepared to stoop to using an actual XBOX. Failing that the old staple of League of Legends, there will be some type of weekend event that we can run through.

Now for Vect0r's benefit here is what you should bring:

If a GUEST  //i.e. Jez Ploy
  THEN nothing needed, whoever invited you will have you covered or tag team with you;
Else If a NOVICE // miniVR
 THEN Your own hardware, PC setup or Laptop;
Else If a REGULAR // Fletch && leamonnewt 
 THEN equipment of a NOVICE; //Note at this level it is acceptable to play InstallWars
 AND power supply board, Ethernet cable, optional offering of sustenance;
Else EXPERT_SOJOURNER // VRBones, Drag0rx, Samwise
 THEN equipment of a REGULAR;
 AND Switch, Ethernet cables, patched/updated games, offering of Sustenance, Optional GUEST;

// it will be up to yourselves to determine which category you qualify for or if a category exist only to qualify you.

WHEN: 20160618 1750

WHERE: Wind Room, Duncraigen

WHAT: LOL, Killing Floor, Frozen Throne, Rocket League, ESO, Rocksmith

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink below, otherwise see above.

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Comment on facebook to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

94: Been a while

It's been a while since our last LAN. And Tony had a birthday. So we need to have a LAN.

Very LAN, Much Description.

WHEN: 3:00pm, 14th May, 2016

WHERE: Wind room. (Ben's place)

WHAT: LoL (weekend game is Ascended mode), Space thing that Tony should show me, Others...

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here

WHO: Everyone. Especially Tony, Ben, and Josh.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Friday, February 26, 2016

93: where you been?

I've been everywhere man. But it is a while since I have been here. Bass Guitar has been replacing a lot of my other games and kitesurding is still a priority if there is ever enough wind.

Still its about time to scratch this itch.

WHEN: 28th Feb 6 PM

WHERE: Bens Place

WHAT: Depending on who arives, AOE2HD, Boarderlands LOL, Artemis, Fun-Employed.

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

92: New Year's Lan

Sam is back in Bundy for the new year and will have both boardgames and his gaming PC so let's arrange an all day event to kill some time. Parents will be home so it'll need to be somewhat civilised but we can use either the dining room or lounge room for PCs and the other for boardgames (both airconditioned) depending on how many people can be bothered to lug their desktops over.

WHEN: Saturday 2nd of Jan . ~10am to Late

WHERE: Sam's parent's place. Ask on Facebook page for exact address

WHAT: For PC I don't have anything planned in particular so lets say Farming Simulator 2013. For board games I've got Cash n' Guns, Munchkin, Nuclear War, Worm Up plus whatever everyone else brings.

WHAT TO BRING: I'll try to source a bunch of snausages and bread for a sausage sizzle. Maybe parents will arrange a BBQ dinner otherwise it'll be snausages again. Everyone else grab some softdrink bottles and snacks and we'll see how we go

WHO: Sam will be there with some amount of family. Feel free to pop in and out during the day if you have other committments.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

91: Advent is Coming

Will be the Sunday of the third advent candle. I can never recall which one is which and end up just guessing the fruits of the spirit. We had an RPG growing up where your weapons were the fruits of the spirit, the banana flew the fastest and furthest.
Ben is on holiday in town from the 12th to the 16th, so this is the only Sojourn scheduled for the wind room in December. More than likely the only Sojourn in December actually. Unless there are a heap of out-of-towners.

Seems most people have recently acquired "Rocket League" So I'll put that on the cards along with LOL as the main event. You should make certain that both these games are patched and running. Other than that my recent hobby horse has been Rocksmith, but while interesting not really suited to a Sojourn. Depending on who arrives I wouldn't mind practicing job hunting and going old school with Frozen Throne.

Also have a look at AoE II HD: As a lead in to the new years sojourn, along with SimFarm.....

WHEN: Sunday 13th December, after church till 12:30

WHERE: Wind Room

WHAT: Rocket League, LOL, Fun-Employed &Frozen Throne

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

90: Queenslander LAN

Finally getting to have a LAN at the Hicks residence.

WHEN: 10am until we feel like stopping, 28th November 2015 (tomorrow)

WHERE: Hicks residence, 177 George St

WHAT: Warcraft III, Killing Floor, League of Legends, etc...

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink her

WHO: Ben, Dan, Josh, Brydan, David, James, are confirmed so far.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Monday, October 19, 2015

89: Gold Mine

After the last couple I think we probably don't need this website any more at all. I don't have any regular attendee's atm. Maybe we should all switch to Tricking? David warner got in the paper for that club, Though I thought it was just a group of mates. Or maybe we should have kept the Facebook page open to the public, would have got a few more random people then.

Anywho, the Gold Mine...
On the 31st I'm thinking of heading up to Nangandie (near where VRBones came from) to try my luck at gold panning, or at least have a nice walk in the bush near where gold has recently been found.

In preparation for this I was thinking of a Church-Sojourn, seems a few of our youth still play a lot of Minecraft.


Persons of interest: Jess, Lauren, Courtney, Cameron, Rachael & Sasha
Potential Leaders: Josh, Tony & Ben
Community room has: A/C ~4XP machines, no internet
Ben: Oil, Lazerus & Uni
If Tony & Josh can source 2x PC’s each that should be plenty.


Community development/ build relationships. Practice organisation skills. Put the community room PC’s to some use. Provide some entertainment that’s different to the normal.


Install required software onto church PC, may require admin access
Host server on Oil, see that other computers can connect sans internet.
Confirm server compatibility with linux?
Food? Drinks already in fridge for sale.

Event:Assuming all goes well this week, aim for a trial run on Sunday 25th after 10am service.Even if it’s just a half hour and people find that it works out then I’ll call that a success. As a backup plan I could also set the room to run Artemis, with a laptop on the data projector it will suit the room well.

WHEN: 25/10 & 01/11 at 11am

WHERE: Lutheran church Community room

WHAT: Minecraft, Artemis

WHAT TO BRING: Guests need nothing, responsible people see above.

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!