Monday, December 16, 2013

58 - Bonus Stage

Sam has his parents' house to himself this weekend so this calls for one last hurrah as we end 2013 in  airconditioned comfort.

WHEN: Saturday 21/12/13. Any time after 9am until midnightish. Maybe spilling over into Sunday if schedules permit.

WHERE: Sam's Parents' place. Ask on Facebook if you need the specific address

WHAT: Killing floor was apparently quite successful last week. Path of Exile worked well for those who can't attend physically. LoL and a handful of others may contend for Install Wars' time.

WHAT TO BRING: Sam apparently has a large tray of sausages and a bit of chirstmas ham at his disposal. Will probably wind up buying a box of pepsi max but other flavours are more than welcome.

If everyone can try to bring a few LAN cables that'd help as I don't have Ben's existing infrastructure.Ben's second switch would be helpful and maybe even a table if attendance picks up. I won't be able to confirm what's available at the house until I arrive on Friday night.

WHO: Sam hosting. Josh, not-Stan, Ben and Kyle expected to show up some point on Saturday. Ben-kin may still be in town? Sam will be playing on his tablet or his sisters' computer while his has its PSU replaced but there should be at least one other subpar gaming computer in the house.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!


  1. I have no kin. Though I do have another subpar gaming PC to take along, planning to arrive ~10am

  2. DEBRIEF: Wound up consisting of a pre-lan on friday night to get the tables moved, some JC2 Multiplayer going and a game or two of LoL.

    All day Saturday was the main sojourn, with Killing Floor, LoL, Crysis Wars and a few other games taking us through until midnight.

    But there was pepsi left over so Sunday noon saw a post-lan with some more JC2 and a match of House on the Hill to end the night.